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Adopt from the RSPCA and you’ll be taking home an unforgettable friend

Holly the cat © RSPCA

I’ve had cats around me all my life. Well, I suppose I’ve really had one cat that I can remember clearly, it just so happens she’s been around for most of my life – more than two thirds of it, to be precise.

Love at first sight

It started when my parents and I – already a cat lover at the age of nine – were looking for a cat at our local RSPCA. I fell in love with a … continue reading ››

Time to climb Kilimanjaro!

Lee Hopgood on Snowdon training walk © RSPCA

I can’t believe it, we’re flying out to tackle Kilimanjaro, amazing!

We were selected for the fundraising challenge back in May 2012, the whole thing seemed so far off, but now I am packing kit, weighing it, deciding on what snacks to take and constantly checking my packing list to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything!

As excited as I am I have a slight worry, four weeks ago I picked up a nasty virus, which turned into a chesty … continue reading ››

Challenging Chinchillas!

Chinchillas © RSPCA

The realities of living with Chinchillas

With their big ears, incredibly soft coats and tufty tails, chinchillas look very appealing as pets.

You may have done some reading and think you’re ready to welcome some of these fabulous creatures into your home (and if you have – great!) – but what is living with chinchillas really like? This is the article for you – it’s not about how to care for your chinchillas (you can read all about that on … continue reading ››