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Ferret welfare – neutering and contraception

Albino ferret © RSPCA

When I started working for the RSPCA, I have to admit that I never thought it would lead to writing a blog about the issue of ferret reproductive management. To start with, it’s a bit of a mouthful if you try and say it quickly.

Still, I shouldn’t have been that surprised as, after all, part of my role does involve advising on ferret welfare. So, imagine my joy when, one cold Winter’s day last December, I was called upon … continue reading ››

A wildlife centre’s view of the badger cull

Badger emerging from sett © RSPCA

It’s seven months since the government announced a postponement of the badger cull in England.

We were aware that this would probably be only a short reprieve for badgers despite a cull being wrong on every possible level. But it’s back – the government plans will decimate badger social groups in areas of West Somerset and Gloucestershire, or possibly areas in Dorset, from this June - just when this year’s cubs will be exploring their brand new world.

It’s … continue reading ››

Primates are not pets

Common Marmoset female juvenile at Monkey World © RSPCA

During my time at the RSPCA I have spent time in a variety of different departments one of which being prosecutions. Every case that I saw involving a primate had the same description, with the primate being, “neglected and living in an environment that does not meet their needs.”

Mikey the marmoset

One such case involved a four-month-old Marmoset called Mikey. When the RSPCA found him he had seven fractured bones which were the result of never being given UV … continue reading ››