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RSPCA Pinterest

RSPCA Pinterest © RSPCA

I was recently asked to set up and manage a Pinterest account on behalf of the RSPCA.

Pinterest is, for those of you who may not be familiar with it, is a site where you can upload your own images, or pin images and videos that you like, from all over the internet. It’s kind of like your own personal online scrapbook.

I have really loved setting up the RSPCA Pinterest account.

The RSPCA does so many things, from … continue reading ››

Orphaned roe deer rehabilitation

Emily Atkinson © RSPCA photolibrary

 Most successful year ever at Somerset wildlife centre

RSPCA wildlife assistant Emily Atkinson gently enters one of the lush compounds that are housed within the grounds of the RSPCA Wildlife Centre at West Hatch in Somerset.

Emily is carrying with her a bucket containing a number of plastic bottles, each adorned with an individual name to ensure that everyone will get the sustenance that they need.  As she nestles down amongst the long grass, sensitive ears hone in on … continue reading ››

Animal hospitals perform life-saving operations

Ginger tom Cheetah needed life-saving veterinary treatment © RSPCA

Left in the road to die

When a stray ginger tom was run over by a car completely crushing his leg there was no one there to love or care for him. Poor thing must have been in agony.

Frightened and injured, he managed to drag his crushed leg around for days before someone found him. Thankfully they knew what to do and brought him to us at the RSPCA hospital in Putney.

We named him Cheetah and gave him … continue reading ››