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Eastenders family to breed pups for cash

Snoopi, the 14 week old puppy dumped by his owner

I was disheartened to hear that one of the new story lines emerging in Eastenders involves the ‘Carter family’’ using their pet bulldog ‘Lady Di’ to earn some quick cash by breeding from her and selling the puppies.

While we’re glad that the statement from the BBC concerning the story line confirms that the money which is made from the pups is negligible (hopefully this will be enough to discourage copycat behaviour from viewers who may also find themselves hard … continue reading ››

The pilot badger culls – a series of unfortunate events…


Are you sitting comfortably? We’ve got a lot to get through…

The pilot badger culls have been a catalogue of errors from start to finish and even though the pilots ended over a month ago, the mistakes continue to emerge.

The latest colossal embarrassment involves a ‘computer error’ and the government are admitting that the TB figures for 2012/13 have been ‘overstated’.

Oh dear… given that the TB figures were used so repetitively by the Environment Minister and NFU as … continue reading ››

Give a cat a home

A handy guide to rehoming

There are approximately eight million cats kept as pets in the UK and on average our animal Centres in England and Wales take in around 550 cats every month – more than any other domestic animal.

Cats come to us for many reasons. Some have been badly treated, or neglected, by their owners. Some are injured or sick strays, or lost cats, found wandering the streets and in need of veterinary care.

All of these lovely cats desperately need loving … continue reading ››