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Protect your cat – have her spayed

World spay day © RSPCA

Today is World Spay Day and the perfect reminder to book in with your vet to have your cat spayed.

In a study of cat owners, we discovered that 85 per cent of litters are unplanned! The reason? Many people don’t realise how easy, and how young, a cat can get pregnant.

Spay by four months

A cat can get pregnant as young as four months of age, while she’s still a kitten herself. This is why the British … continue reading ››

Enter your dog in ‘Ruffs 2014′, the dog show with a difference


To enter your dog in RSPCA Ruffs 2015, click here.

Is your dog the happiest hound around? Have you transformed the life of a rescue dog? Then enter your dog in ‘Ruffs 2014′ our alternative online dog show!

We’re fed up with dog shows like the upcoming Crufts judging dogs primarily on looks and rewarding those people still breeding dogs with extreme exaggerated features  e.g. Dogs with short, flat faces (pugs/bulldogs) or dogs with very wrinkled skin (Bassett Hounds) in … continue reading ››

Seal Rescue – the first weekend

Seal pups at East Winch Wildlife Centres © RSPCA photolibrary

The night of Thursday 5 December 2013 saw the biggest tidal surge to impact upon the east Norfolk coast for over 60 years.  The next day, as the sun rose over a battered landscape, it was clear that there had been devastating consequences not only for the people who lived in the area, but for the animals resident there as well.

Seal colonies badly affected

The National Trust wardens at Blackeney Point were among the first to realise this, reporting … continue reading ››