Protect your cat – have her spayed

World spay day © RSPCA

Today is World Spay Day and the perfect reminder to book in with your vet to have your cat spayed.

In a study of cat owners, we discovered that 85 per cent of litters are unplanned! The reason? Many people don’t realise how easy, and how young, a cat can get pregnant.

Spay by four months

A cat can get pregnant as young as four months of age, while she’s still a kitten herself. This is why the British Small Veterinary Association and the UK’s major animal welfare groups  recommend cats are spayed before they are four months old.

Cats don’t need to have a litter before they’re spayed

Some people believe that a cat should have a litter of kittens before she’s spayed – but this isn’t true, it’s just an old wives tale. In fact, the sooner she has been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped, the sooner your cat can enjoy doing things like going outside and climbing trees – without being pestered by tomcats wanting to have sex with her.

Who’s the daddy?

Black and white kitten sitting © RSPCA

A cat that hasn’t been spayed will give off signals to tomcats that she’s available for sex – and she may not be too fussy about her choice of mate. Many people don’t realise that brother and sister cats will have sex with each other, but they do (and no amount of a stern talking to will prevent this!). And if your cat’s father is also the local tomcat, then there’s every chance he’ll father his daughter’s kittens too! Meo-ewwww!

Don’t forget the boys!

If you have a boy cat he’ll need to have a simple operation called the snip. This can stop him from spraying in your house to mark his territory, which can be very smelly, and getting nasty injuries from fighting. He’s also more likely to stay closer to home.

You’ll also be protecting him from a nasty disease called FIV – which is the same as HIV in people, but for cats. It can be spread through cat bites, often between males fighting over a female mate, but can’t be caught by people.

Protect your cat because you care.

Justine Pannett - Senior Campaigns Manager

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