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Children and dog bites – what can we do?

Sam, Izzy and Sidney

As the mother of a two-year-old girl and the owner of a labrador cross mastiff, I want to make sure that I keep my daughter, Izzy, safe and our dog, Sidney, happy. I also want to make sure Izzy grows up respectful of, and confident and comfortable in the company of dogs.

Aside from being a mother, I’m a dog welfare expert for the RSPCA and having worked on the issue of dog control for many years.  It is clear … continue reading ››

Enter your horse or pony in Second Chance Stars

Molly before she was rescued (c) RSPCA

Did you give your horse, pony or donkey a second chance? Did you rescue them from a life of cruelty, neglect or suffering? Is your rescue horse a star? Then enter them in our Second Chance Stars rescue horse competition.

We all know that rescue horses are winners but many people don’t realise that rehoming a horse can be a great alternative to buying. We want to show the Great British public what rescue horses are made of and continue reading ››

Broken promises: Ban on wild animals in circuses under question


In March 2012, the UK government announced it would finally grant wild animals in circuses their long overdue ban. Two years on and we’re still waiting.

Next month, it will become clear if the government has kept its promise, and will deliver the long awaited ban of wild animals in travelling circuses in England. We are desperately hoping that the Bill will be included in the Queen’s Speech, confirming it will become law by the end of this Parliament. … continue reading ››