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A rescue horse will give you their heart

Twilight Dancer covered in filth (c) RSPCA

I want people out there to know that a rescue horse will give you their heart, loyalty and will do anything for you.

I think because I rescued Twilight Dancer she trusts me and will do anything for me. I wish people out there would give a rescue horse a chance as they are the best horses you can get.

Left in filth, with no grazing, supplementary feed or water, Twilight was facing a future of suffering. Until an RSPCA … continue reading ››

Tethered Cracker Jack went on to win at Equifest

Cracker Jack tethered and entangled (c) RSPCA

Entangled in an inappropriate tether, surrounded by thorny shrubs and rubbish. No water, no grazing or supplementary feed. Just a muddy ditch to call home, Cracker Jack was unable to move.

The police seized Cracker Jack and he was placed in our care. Nine months later, Cracker Jack’s owner was convicted and given a five year ban on keeping equines.

The start of a new life

When Cracker Jack arrived at RSPCA Felledge Equine Centre, I was allocated … continue reading ››

June seeks #HomesForHorses

June and her mother May (c) RSPCA

June’s mother May was taken into RSPCA care on vet advice after she, and several other horses, were discovered in a field. They didn’t have enough food and as a result their body condition was declining.

Their owner pleaded guilty and was banned from keeping equines for one year, given a community service order and had to pay £200 costs.

As an equine rehoming officer, it’s my job to find space in our care for horses and to find new … continue reading ››