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My long and winding road to the RSPCA

Kathy Bowerman © Kathy Bowerman

As long as I can remember I have loved animals. It doesn’t matter what species, how scary other people find them or how many legs they have. If they are part of the animal kingdom I will love them.

One of my earliest memories is of walking to the shop at the end of our street. I was probably four years old and unaccompanied for the first time. My mum had sent me to buy a loaf of bread, … continue reading ››

Tubby tabbies

Cat playing with cat toy on sofa © RSPCA

We all love a cuddle with our cats, spending time with them sitting on our laps can be a joy. However they should also be given the opportunity to exercise daily allowing them to stay fit and healthy.

That is why, following the recent news that the average cat weighs 25 per cent more than they did a decade ago, we have put together a few handy hints for owners

Being active allows cats to express normal behaviour

Cats … continue reading ››

Puppies get their day in parliament…

The welfare problems facing dogs are vast and varied. From dogs being bred with exaggerated physical features which cause them to suffer, to dogs used as breeding machines. Unfortunately, there is no magic solution when it comes to improving the welfare of dogs.

For any dog lover, the casual way that many puppies are bred, sold and traded like used cars, with little or no regard for their future well being is a major cause for concern. Public demand … continue reading ››