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Unravelling the mystery of the black cat

Halloween Poster © RSPCA

Throughout history black cats have been shrouded in superstition and myth. Some people believe they’re lucky, others consider them to be unlucky.

As we approach Halloween there are images of black cats everywhere – far from being witches’ companions or even witches incarnate, as people used to believe. We know that black cats are just like any other cat – only black!

You may have heard that black cats are hard to rehome, but this isn’t true. It’s quite likely … continue reading ››

What do you do if you think you’ve found a stray cat?

Black cat

As an animal lover, I enjoy watching the cats and kittens who live on my road. They all have their own personalities and I enjoy giving them a fuss when I pass them in the street or glancing up at people’s windows and seeing them there with their noses pressed against the glass watching the world go by.

But recently a cat began visiting me who didn’t look in the best of health. He was a lovely black … continue reading ››

Resisting the T.U.R.T.L.E power

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle characters are cool, they fight for justice, save those in need and do this whilst looking to have a good time!

But film fans and animal lovers must think very carefully before welcoming terrapins and other turtles into their homes as a potential new pet. Sadly, the reality is we can’t be crime fighters and share a slice of pizza with these animals, they are exotic, wild animals with complex needs therefore it requires time, continue reading ››