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Fly-grazing, neglect, and abandoned horses: breeding a horse crisis

Two rescue horses touching muzzles

Horse charities have been warning the public, governments, and local authorities of the looming horse crisis in England and Wales for years. However, despite our warnings, abandonments are still soaring and our rescue centres are now at crisis point. We are desperate for your help to end this situation, now out of control.

New legislation in January 2014, gave local authorities in Wales more power to act on fly-grazing and abandoned horses. Although it offers a move forwards, it is … continue reading ››

Passionate about animal welfare? Join the Super Campaigners!

Ally at Warwick freshers event © RSPCA

My name’s Ally and I’m an RSPCA Super Campaigner.

My volunteering journey started at my local RSPCA branch helping out with events to fundraise and raise awareness of the animals needing homes. I really enjoyed it, but I was desperate to start putting my efforts behind the RSPCA’s mission nationally too.

It is important to me that national campaigns also appeal locally in my area. I want to know that I am working towards helping animals all over England and … continue reading ››

Cavalier owners unite to demand change for their breed


When I was nine years old my family brought home Sam, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy. I adored my little pal, but at just two years old, Sam developed a heart murmur. We were devastated. Like so many cavalier owners, until Sam’s diagnosis, we were not aware of the crippling and painful diseases plaguing the breed.

There are several common diseases facing Cavaliers, including:

  • Mitral Valve Disease (MVD)
    Normally diagnosed following the detection of a heart murmur, severe cases
  • continue reading ››