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Garden birds in late winter

Robin perching in the snow

If, like me, you’ve noticed a decline in birds in your garden recently, you might wonder why this is. Although seasonal changes in bird populations are quite normal, recent studies also show an alarming decline in garden bird populations overall.

This is due to several factors, but winter always has an impact. Natural foods like berries, insects and worms will be more scarce. The bird’s fat reserves will also be low and they’ll have nest building to prepare for. It’s continue reading ››

Support #HarveysLaw and email your MP!

Harvey the dog who inspired Harvey

After many months of campaigning, the ‘Harvey’s Law’ petition has gained over 116,000 supporters. This has triggered a debate in Parliament on Monday 2nd March, just one week away.

Take action now and email your MP urging them to attend the debate, and support the calls on the Department of Transport to impose mandatory microchip scanning of dogs found on roads and highways.

Harvey’s story

The petition started after Harvey, a much loved pet poodle went missing in 2013. His … continue reading ››

Hunting is in my blood – why I campaigned for the Hunting Act

A red fox creeps through the undergrowth

It’s been 10 years since the ban on hunting wild mammals with dogs came into force, and I am proud I was part of the team that worked on that historic piece of legislation. Why? Because hunting is in my blood

My great-grandfather was a master of foxhounds (manages the fox hunt), however my grandfather chose to take a different road.

He was privately educated and was being schooled in the world of managing the family estate – a la … continue reading ››