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A second chance for Patience

Patience before and after rescue

In April 2013, we were called to a muddy, grassless field where six neglected horses were described as “skin hanging off them”.

With no food, no shelter and only a dirty stagnant pond for water, Patience and her fellow ponies were in dire condition, highly neglected and extremely emaciated. Things were so bad, we weren’t sure if they would pull through.

The vet who examined Patience thought she was around three-years-old. She wasn’t microchipped and her hooves were overgrown with … continue reading ››

My experience volunteering with the RSPCA

Filming is my biggest passion as well as my business, so when an opportunity came up to do some volunteering work with the RSPCA to make a film about equine rehoming, I jumped at the chance.

I love animals as well as filmmaking; my partner Laurie and I have a lovely whippet called Freya, and with 13 horses, I have done my fair share of mucking off fields! I really admire the work that the RSPCA do to rehabilitate rescue … continue reading ››

Could you be a volunteer school speaker?

Did you know that we have a dedicated team of volunteers that regularly give talks in schools?

Aimed at seven to 11 year olds, this vital work helps to get children thinking and talking about treating animals with compassion and respect.

We’re currently expanding our scheme and looking for new speakers to join our team. Our speakers come from a variety of backgrounds and they’re all passionate about animal welfare and enjoy engaging with children.

Potential speakers are invited … continue reading ››