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Hope on the horizon for dog breeding in Wales

Two black and white puppies

Many of us believe standards of dog breeding aren’t good enough to protect the health and welfare of dogs.

However, there’s hope as the situation is set to improve in Wales.

We’ve been overwhelmed by your amazing support on the issue of dog breeding. Therefore, we’re thrilled to announce that from 30 April 2015 dog breeding in Wales will face tighter regulations.

The new rules will improve the welfare of dogs and puppies in breeder’s care, and we’re hoping England continue reading ››

China’s transformation: From brutality to bliss.


Calls to us reporting cruelty have risen in the past year. This means our inspectors are increasingly stretched, and are working harder than ever to reach the animals most in need.

When we rescued China, he was covered in painful injuries that tell a story of his horrendous past.

Red raw wounds

China was in a very bad state when we first saw him. It was clear he was terrified and in pain as he cowered away from being touched.… continue reading ››

The harsh reality for our inspectors

Daisy from Death farm

It’s a sad fact that animal cruelty and neglect is happening all over England and Wales. We’re even sadder to learn that, once again, cruelty complaints to us rose in 2014.

Last year, we investigated 159,831 complaints, a significant 13 per cent of these complaints involved deliberate, and often violent cruelty. We’d like to share just a few of the animals who our inspectors saved from a life of suffering last year.

Find out more about our cruelty statistics for continue reading ››