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Gain experience and help animals, at the same time!

Bugsley the kitten © RSPCA

Volunteering is essential to keep saving the thousands of animals we rescue, rehabilitate and rehome every year.

It’s helped people get into animal care jobs, progress retail careers, kickstart careers in design by learning new skills like visual merchandising, or for some, it’s offers the chance to develop skills to help get back into work.

You’re great, thank you.

We can’t thank our volunteers enough for helping the animals, educating school children on animal welfare and for our countless other … continue reading ››

Dog behaviour – understanding dog body language

Happy Dog ©RSPCA

Just like us, dogs can experience a range of emotions, the problem is, they can’t tell us.

Instead, dogs communicate using mostly body language. They use all different parts of their body, including their tails, ears and eyes to tell us how they’re feeling.

As pet owners it’s important to understand your dog’s behaviour and take part in activities to make sure they are living happily and healthily. Learning about and observing dog behaviour will help you identify a … continue reading ››

Summer holidays are on the way

Cat sitting on a chair

The clocks have gone forward, the days are getting longer, and some people have just started to turn their thoughts to where they’re going to have their summer holiday.

But instead of being a traditional tourist – staying in an expensive chain hotel – what if you could truly live like a local, immerse yourself in a community, indulge your love of pets and stay in a “home away from home”…all for free?

The growing travel trend… continue reading ››