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Heartbreaking to hear Shona treats dogs like rubbish

Rotweiller Poppy © RSPCA Photolibrary

Working for an animal charity and reading about how Shona has got rid of four dogs in four years is just heartbreaking.

Many unwanted pets, like Shona’s, end up in animal shelters. All these dogs are then left desperately waiting for a new loving home. The RSPCA alone has 615 dogs available for rehoming right now across the country. You can see them on our website.

Don’t blame the breed

It may seem that the breeds of dog which … continue reading ››

How to have the perfect bank holiday break with your dog

Couple walking dog © RSPCA Photolibrary

We’ve all been there – a fast approaching bank holiday – but we’re still not sure what to do.

Many people decide to take a long weekend away. However, if you have a dog, the painstaking planning often means it’s not worth the effort for just a few nights.

We think pet owners should be able to enjoy a weekend away hassle free.

That’s why we’ve come up with a guide to having the best weekend away ever, taking your … continue reading ››

Holidays for pet owners

Cockapoo lying on beach with tennis ball

For pet owners, our animals always rank highly on our list of priorities. Which is why some of us choose to shun that two-week getaway to Bermuda in favour of staying home with our pets.

Now it’s nearing the end of summer, do you feel like you’ve missed out on that well-deserved holiday in the sun?

What if you could book your last minute dream summer holiday, whilst keeping your pet comfortable and happy?

Jetting off into the sun

Now … continue reading ››