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The trouble with the perfect gift…

Jack Russell Terrier Single adult sitting in Christmas scene indoors UK © RSPCA Photolibrary

Have you been looking for the perfect christmas presents for your closest family?

Imagine you’ve found the perfect gifts online. Adding up to around £1000, they’re pricey – but you’re mum’s been asking for that perfect handbag, your dad is desperate for that camera and your sister loves that watch!

Of course, you love them and they deserve the best!

Now, imagine it’s Christmas day, your mum is thrilled with her new bag, your dad can’t stop snapping pictures and … continue reading ››

A blog for our office dogs


Office dogs are the best! This Christmas, we asked owners to share transformation stories about a few of our amazing office rescue dogs who bring us joy every day.

If you’d like to adopt a dog, find out more about animals looking for homes now.


Khaleesi’s mum was rescued from a puppy farm when she was pregnant, and her litter were born at our Leybourne Animal Centre.

Khaleesi had a lucky escape from the puppy dealers. Before she came … continue reading ››

Non-stun slaughter: Our concern is solely about the animals

Sheep Herd on the hills of North Wales Freedom Food Farm  UK

There was an amazing response to the British Veterinary Association petition calling for:

  • an end to non-stun slaughter in the UK;
  • meat products to be clearly labelled by method of slaughter.

We’re opposed to slaughter without pre-stunning, a practice that can cause suffering to millions of farm animals. Over 118,000 people signed the petition which was debated in parliament in February 2015.

There continues to be lots of news and online activity around the subject of meat for religious communities. continue reading ››