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Monkeys as pets: a life of trauma, stress and heartache

Jane Goodall, DBE, Pant Hoot  - Photo credit: Michael Neugebauer

Along with several other organisations, we’re currently campaigning to end the suffering of thousands of primates being kept as pets in the UK.

Both mental and physical suffering are virtually guaranteed to be experienced by pet primates such as squirrel monkeys and marmosets. These complex and beautiful creatures deserve better than this.

We’re honoured to have renowned primatologist, Jane Goodall, DBE, to be supporting this campaign. After dedicated her life to the primates and their conservation, There is noone more … continue reading ››

A tragic tale of puppies bred by breeders with no conscience

Liz Wood © RSPCA

To the people who breed without a conscience,

How can you care more about money than the welfare of these innocent souls?

From the mothers of the puppies, who spend years caged and alone simply churning out litter after litter. To the young animals, who suffer so much pain and misery in their short lives.

In 2014, I helped to care for a group of puppies who were found running around loose in the boot of a car on a … continue reading ››

Why it pays to spay your kitten

Protect them because you care

According to the PDSA’s 2015 PAW report, just 15 per cent of litters of kittens in the UK are planned – which means a staggering 750-800,000 kittens make an unscheduled arrival every year!

To mark World Spay Day 2016 (Tuesday, 23 February), the RSPCA advises on the importance of spaying to protect cats – and their owners – from an unplanned pregnancy.

Kittens having kittens

Kittens can get pregnant while they are still kittens themselves - they can begin … continue reading ››