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Responsible businesses supporting animal welfare


Fern came into our care with a leg injury after being involved in a road traffic collision. Sadly, on veterinary advice, her leg had to be removed. But that wasn’t the end of Fern’s story.

Fern is just one of many animals helped by responsible businesses. Because of the support we get from them, we’re able to rehabilitate Fern and others just like her.

So, how do businesses help?

In so many different ways! During Responsible Business Week we’d like … continue reading ››

Crucifixion of dog on Marcella

Sam Gaines signature.jpg

If you’ve been watching the new crime series on ITV ‘Marcella’ then you’re probably eagerly awaiting the next episode. However we recently discovered that the episode airing tonight, April 18, will have a scene depicting a spaniel type dog crucified on the inside of a door.

After discovering what was planned to be shown we contacted the makers of the tv show asking for the scene to be removed from the episode. Unfortunately despite our letter we received no response.… continue reading ››

The Pig Issue

Group of piglets outside © RSPCA

This week we see animal welfare organisations and celebrities coming together to speak out about the welfare of farmed pigs. With bacon, sausages and ham being a familiar product in many supermarket trolleys, we must do more to highlight the lives of over 10 million pigs that are being farmed in the UK every year.

Now you may not be aware, but pigs are intelligent animals! They’re smart, playful and have good long term memories. They’re not only one of … continue reading ››