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Exposing Britain’s puppy dealers

Puppies in small enclosures

Shocked by the scenes on BBC Panorama’s Britain’s Puppy Dealers Exposed?

Sadly, we’re not.

We’re all too familiar with the cruel and callous people involved in this horrific business, and the wily ways rogue dealers are tricking innocent members of the public into believing that they’re ‘responsible breeders’. And that the puppies they’re selling are happy and healthy, and have been brought up with the love and care they deserve.

But the reality is, some of these dealers are acquiring … continue reading ››

The problems with Glue Traps

Robin stuck to a glue trap © RSPCA

Glue traps, often called “glue boards”, “sticky boards” or “sticky traps” are essentially just boards or trays of plastic, wood or cardboard coated in a strong immediate-holding glue and have sadly been used to trap rodents for many years. Many people use these traps without realising the many inherent welfare problems that come with them.

We’re opposed to the manufacture, sale and use of all glue traps because they cause unacceptable suffering and are totally indiscriminate in what they … continue reading ››

Calling for a restriction on fireworks use

Dog trying to hide behind the TV cabinet

Imagine being terrified of something.

Imagine not knowing when that thing is going to come and scare you, so that you can’t anticipate it or know how to cope with it. Imagine that thing scaring you every night for over two weeks…

This is the reality for many animals who are frightened of fireworks. Unlike us, animals don’t understand why we celebrate special occasions with fireworks, and they can’t appreciate how beautiful and entertaining they can be. Fireworks can be continue reading ››