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15 things owners of rescue dogs will understand

INspector playing with black and white puppy

See if you agree with our list of 15 things owners of rescue dogs will understand!


  1. You realise that you might be your rescue dog’s first ever friend. And that you have to give them time, but they’ll be the best friend you ever had.


  2. They may not be 100% perfect but you love your limited edition, one-of-a-kind, unique pooch.


  3. It seems like such a long time ago, scrolling through the Find a Pet section, hoping

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Our adorable rescue rabbits – Sweetcorn and Squash

Sweetcorn and Squash enjoying their new home

This is a guest post by Abbi Moon who has just adopted a pair of rabbits from our Guildford and District branch.

 After much planning and research – including reading the RSPCA ‘Care for your Rabbits’ book – my family and I spotted Sweetcorn and Squash advertised on Find a Pet. They were exactly what we were looking for – short-haired, pointy-eared and with temperaments that would suit first-time owners like us.

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Are you turtley committed to getting a pet?

RSPCA | Terrapin / Slider

If you’ve been to see the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film you may be thinking that a turtle would make a great pet – after all they eat pizza, will live in a sewer and fight crime, don’t they?

In a word … no.

A captive turtle/terrapin has the same needs as a wild one – meaning the care given in captivity should reflect the wild as much as possible.

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