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Kids urged to go wild with a camera during summer holidays!

Image: Will Jenkins, taken by Andrew Forsyth

If you’re looking for things to do this summer with the family, why not encourage your kids to enter RSPCA Young Photographer Awards? The competition invites anyone under 18 to send in animal-themed pictures they have taken in the hope of winning a host of exciting prizes.

Peanut’s Progress: rescue, rehabilitate…rehomed!


On 24th May, an animal collection officer was called out to rescue an 18-month old lurcher who had been left for dead at the side of the road near an Essex lorry depot. This is the story of her rescue, rehabilitation and eventual rehoming.

Overcoming separation anxiety: Flo’s story


Last September we welcomed Flo, a bichon frise cross, into our family. We were really excited to be adopting an RSPCA dog and spent a long time preparing for her arrival. Unfortunately, fairly soon I realised that Flo was showing common signs of separation anxiety, a form of separation related behaviour (SRB).