Seven days at Harmsworth Animal Hospital

This is a guest post by Caroline Allen, London Veterinary Director.

Monday 1st August 2016



This cute fellow was brought in by an inspector after suffering severe trauma to his back leg, most likely from a car. He was unneutered and unchipped.

We were very concerned we would not be able to save Sam’s leg, there were nasty wounds over the hock (like our ankle) and the femur bone was shattered with multiple fragments.

Our surgeon Catriona placed an external fixator, which uses pins held in place by a frame, on the outside of the leg.

A morphine drip was required for several days to control the pain but from then he went from strength and tolerated the many repeat dressings need for the wound well.

Over six weeks the wound slowly healed and the leg repaired itself. He is now ready to go to a new home.


Tuesday 2nd August 2016



Bought in by an inspector, Bart had been living outside as a stray for some time until a local resident noticed he was unable to use his front leg and called our 24-hour phone line.

X-rays showed a fracture that was several weeks old. He was another unneutered male, who had probably been hit by a car while out roaming.

Our surgeon placed a plate to repair the fracture and we neutered, microchipped and vaccinated him. He will now be looking for a lovely home to settle down in.


Wednesday 3rd August 2016



This lovely little kitten was found trembling in the garden by a member of the public and was brought in by an animal collection officer (ACO).

He was showing signs consistent with toxin ingestion and was given fluids and mild sedation to calm him.

By the next morning he was already very much brighter and is continuing to improve.


Thursday 4th August 2016



This regal lady was found on a doorstep where she was looking for help as she had a nasty infected bite wound on her foot and was struggling to walk.

Queenie had a very high temperature which was making her feel weak. Treatment of the wound with antibiotics and pain relief made her feel rapidly better. She’s now waiting for her forever home.


Friday 5th August 2016



This sweet girl was found bought in after a suspected road traffic collision, she was weak, in pain and bleeding from her bottom.

Sabrina was immediately placed on a strong pain killing drip and x-rays confirmed our fear of a very nasty fracture to the right hind.

An external fixator was used to repair the fracture and give the fragments time to heal. She will be with us until we are happy that the leg has healed and we can remove the outside pin and frame.

Sabrina’s x-rays from before and after are below:


Sabrina's X-Ray (before)

Sabrina's X-Ray (after)

Saturday 6th August



Its that time of year when we are sadly inundated by abandoned kittens. In this case these were left outside a vets in Ilford and collected by one of our animal collection officers.

They were far too tiny to be away from their mum and require intensive feeding, cleaning and also treatment for eye infections. Here they are fat and happy after a feed. We’ll be keeping a close eye on them.


Sunday 7th August



This poor lady was brought in by an ACO having been found trying to give birth to a kitten that had got stuck and sadly died. If we had not rescued Maisie, she would have died too.

An emergency surgery and spay was performed. There were no other kittens present. She was underweight and needed treatment for a bad case of fleas but she is now eating well and gaining weight.

We are just waiting for her to be strong enough for us to perform dental surgery as she has some loose teeth, then she will be ready to be rehomed.


Last year we rescued over 30,000 cats – many of whom arrived un-microchipped, unneutered and in need of immediate medical intervention.

Please be sure to neuter and microchip your pets.

If you’re interested in giving a cat a second chance at a happy family life, please get in touch with Southall Cattery on 0300 123 0746 or head to our Find a Pet page.

And to help us to keep caring for the cats that come into us injured, scared and alone – to keep our hospital doors open, please donate what you can today. We can’t do the life saving work we do without you. 

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