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There’s no such thing as an average day at our 24-hour emergency call centre!


Here at the RSPCA we love animals. That’s why we get up every morning – to protect, defend and care for the animals who need us most.

In 2016, we investigated a whopping 149,604 complaints of alleged cruelty.

Our inspectorate, animal welfare officers and vets all do their best every day to help animals. But they wouldn’t achieve the same scale of success without our emergency call centre.

Lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There … continue reading ››

Firework season: remember, remember your pets this November!

Remember, remember your pets in November

Fireworks season is about to kick-off. The loud bangs and pretty lights can be fun for us, but with their acute hearing, many pets, of all sizes, find firework noise and flashes frightening.

Please read our helpful tips to help your pets cope better with fireworks.

Planning ahead for fireworks

If your pet suffers from fireworks phobia, please do talk to your vet as the condition is entirely treatable. In the long-term, with proper treatment it is possible for pets … continue reading ››