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Six common hedgehog mishaps

Leucistic hedgehog rescued from drain

Hedgehogs are one of Britain’s most loved wild animals. They’re a star visitor in gardens across the country, and they help out by munching on flowerbed guests who are less desirable to gardeners, like slugs and invertebrates.

Make your garden more hedgehog friendly by reading up on these six common mishaps and how to avoid them.

Hedgehog Hazards

1 – Hogging up the drain

This hedgehog was lucky to be rescued, after being discovered stuck down a pipe in Swansea.… continue reading ››

Seven surprising things about reptiles

Bearded Dragon, portrait of single adult resting in vivarium

We’re marking Reptile Awareness Day this Saturday – 21 October 2017 – by marvelling at some surprising facts. From the snakes who don’t lay eggs, to bearded dragons snacking on butternut squash.

Here are seven surprising things that you may not know about reptiles:

1 – Bearded dragons love their greens!

Despite their fire-breathing name, bearded dragons (or ‘beardies’) actually enjoy a diet of both insects and vegetables – known as being ‘omnivorous’. They love to chow down on greens … continue reading ››

Six tips for walking your elderly dog

Elderly red setter walking in a park

Did you know that as dogs get older they may start growing greys, just like us! Most commonly on their muzzle and around their eyes. They might also start becoming less active, tiring out more easily, and not hearing or seeing quite as well as they used to.

Different dogs age at different rates, and life expectancies can vary quite widely between breeds.

Just because your dog’s getting older, doesn’t mean they don’t still crave the same amount of love … continue reading ››