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A journey into our archives

RSPCA Inspector Stamp  Standing by his vehicle decorated for a dog welfare campaign at a local Branch carnival Undated circa 1930

We first began our work to improve animal welfare back in 1824, when we were formed by a meeting of animal lovers in a Victorian coffee shop.

Throughout our nearly 200 years of history, we’ve been carefully storing records of our work to improve animal welfare. As you can imagine – we’ve built up an impressive collection!

We recently revisited our archives as part of the development of our range of heritage giftware with WIDDOP and Co. Here are just … continue reading ››

What do rescue dogs eat?

Cross breed dog awaiting meal with bowl

As part of our kindness at Christmas appeal we’re asking our supporters to donate the cost of feeding an animal across the three days of Christmas. But what exactly does go into feeding one of the animals in our care?

This week we’re featuring a special guest blog from Rowan Foster. Rowan volunteers at our Blackberry Farm Animal Centre, alongside studying canine nutrition. Here, he talks us through some basic dog’s dinners, from extra smelly treats to nutritional supplements:

Making … continue reading ››

Why we must continue to recognise that animals are not objects


It might seem laughable to suggest that a dog, a pig or a hedgehog has as little thought or emotion as a packet of cornflakes or a tin of baked beans. But animals have only been recognised as sentient beings in the EU since the Treaty of Lisbon in 2009.

As we prepare to leave Europe in under two years time, our basic recognition that animals deserve far greater protection than household objects is under threat. We must make sure … continue reading ››