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Why we must continue to recognise that animals are not objects


It might seem laughable to suggest that a dog, a pig or a hedgehog has as little thought or emotion as a packet of cornflakes or a tin of baked beans. But animals have only been recognised as sentient beings in the EU since the Treaty of Lisbon in 2009.

As we prepare to leave Europe in under two years time, our basic recognition that animals deserve far greater protection than household objects is under threat. We must make sure … continue reading ››

Preparing your rabbits for winter


Autumn is well and truly here, and you may have already begun preparing to help your rabbits binky through the winter season as comfortably as possible.

With colder temperatures, shorter days and frosty, icy or even snowy conditions, you’ll have to make some changes to your rabbits’ daily routine. A little forward planning will make it much easier for all of you.

We’ve got some steps you can take now, to make sure that you’re ready to hop into winter … continue reading ››