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Act now for fairer fireworks


Parliament is going to be debating our current fireworks regulations on Monday 29 January. This is welcome news to everyone who’s concerned about the considerable negative effects that fireworks can have on animal welfare.

We’re urging MPs to attend the debate, and support changes to the laws that regulate fireworks – preventing the unnecessary fear and suffering that they can cause to animals.

Why fireworks aren’t fun for everyone

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Is there real fur on your bobble hat?


Now that the temperature is dropping, it’s time to wrap up warm.

However, there’s one thing troubling us this winter…

We’re pretty concerned about the use of real animal fur on some items of winter clothing. Coats with fur lining and furry bobble hats are particularly popular at the moment and what many consumers don’t know is that some of these are made from real animal fur.

You could be unwittingly funding cruelty by buying real fur by accident.


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Our Wildlife Casualty Volunteers save the day!

Buzzard contained in a box, photo by WCV Tiffany Brinscombe

Our Wildlife Casualty Volunteers (WCVs) are invaluable in supporting our inspectors on the front line of our work. They collect sick, injured or orphaned birds and small mammals, and transport them to our wildlife centres, external wildlife rehabilitators or appropriate veterinary establishments.

We’re currently recruiting for more volunteers in the North West and South West of England (more details on that at the end of this post). Two of our current WCVs have kindly offered to give potential new … continue reading ››