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How do you humanely kill a lobster at home? You don’t.

Lobster in the ocean

You may have read recently that Switzerland has announced a ban on boiling lobsters alive, but did you know that here in the UK, lobsters aren’t protected at all?

Whilst other sentient animals in the food chain such as pigs and chickens are protected by the Animal Welfare Act 2006, lobsters, squid, crabs and crayfish are completely unprotected – something we’re lobbying to change.

Our team of technical specialists at the RSPCA, backed by growing scientific evidence, have … continue reading ››

Why it pays to spay your kitten

Protect them because you care

According to the PDSA’s 2017 PAW report, just 30 percent of litters of kittens in the UK are planned!

To mark World Spay Day 2018 (Tuesday, 27 February), the RSPCA advises on the importance of spaying to protect cats – and their owners – from an unplanned pregnancy.

Kittens having kittens

Kittens can get pregnant while they are still kittens themselves - they can begin to give off signals to male cats that they are ready to mate from … continue reading ››

A volunteer with a difference

Screen shot of Toby from Brighton and Hove RJ/YOS twitter profile

As every pet owner, walker and lover will know – there’s nothing quite like the bond that you can develop almost instantly with an animal. It’s something that Restorative Justice Support Worker, Katie Wheatley, witnesses on a regular basis.

Katie regularly takes young offenders to our Brighton animal centre, to take the dogs in our care out on walks. She tells us about the impact that this experience can make on the young, and often vulnerable people that she works … continue reading ››