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When the going gets tough on racehorse welfare

David Muir RSPCA Race horse welfare consultant

Every year in April, the focus of the public turns to the Grand National, but for horse racing consultant David Muir and the RSPCA equine inspectors, it is the culmination of months of advising, monitoring and working to try to get every horse through the race unscathed.

It’s safe to say that for them all, the race itself is one of the longest and most intense nine minutes to endure, watching each horse intently in the hope they make it … continue reading ››

Our London veterinary director discusses RSPCA misconceptions

Caroline Allen holding a cat © RSPCA

Caroline Allen is our London veterinary director, successfully managing our veterinary provisions at two hospitals – Putney and Harmsworth – and two clinics – Edmonton and Southall.

Prior to joining us, Caroline worked at private practices for 18 years, as a veterinary surgeon and clinical director. Caroline is also a valued Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Council member.

It takes police and vet involvement before we can take action

I’m delighted to have worked with the RSPCA team for … continue reading ››

Intelligent, affectionate and terrific at tricks: can you guess which animal we’re describing?

Question mark on chalkboard

At the RSPCA we care about all animals, and we’re always learning more about their amazing capabilities and rich emotional lives.

For example, can you guess which animals:

  • ‘laugh’ when they play, or when they are tickled
  • sympathise with other animals of their own species who are in distress (and would rather help them than receive a food reward)
  • can count up to four
  • can learn tricks, including coming when called, playing basketball and ‘fetch’
  • become anxious and depressed if
  • continue reading ››