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Six tips for walking your elderly dog

Elderly red setter walking in a park

Did you know that as dogs get older they may start growing greys, just like us! Most commonly on their muzzle and around their eyes. They might also start becoming less active, tiring out more easily, and not hearing or seeing quite as well as they used to.

Different dogs age at different rates, and life expectancies can vary quite widely between breeds.

Just because your dog’s getting older, doesn’t mean they don’t still crave the same amount of love … continue reading ››

Every dog is different


From favourite treats to funny habits, we know that every pet is an individual. And in turn, this means that every dog needs to be treated differently when it comes to their training, exercise and daily routines.

All kinds of things can affect how a dog behaves and what they need to be at their happiest. Their age, type, personality and past experiences can all make a difference. Enrolling in training classes with a good trainer is a great way … continue reading ››

What are we doing about non-stun slaughter?

We’ve been opposing non-stun slaughter for decades but the recent release of new statistics brings fresh light to this crucial topic.

On Wednesday 20 September, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) published data that included new statistics on the number of animals that were slaughtered for religious purposes without being stunned in England and Wales.

This is the first time that data on this issue has been collected since 2015 and it suggests a significant increase.

We’re very concerned about … continue reading ››