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Campaigning and the new government – your views matter

Houses of Parliament

We’re a few weeks into the new parliamentary session and focussed on making sure animal welfare is high on the agenda.

With so many important issues to address from the puppy trade to farm animal welfare, we asked our campaign supporters what their animal welfare priorities would be if they were in government.

A huge thank you to everyone who responded, over 600 of you! We want to share some of the results and update you on what … continue reading ››

Bella the bulldog finds loving home after two years!

Photo by Graham Green of Shot Photography.

Eagle-eyed fans might already recognise this beautiful, one-eared American Bulldog. Those who watched the last season of The Dog Rescuers with Alan Davies on Channel 5 definitely will. This is Bella, the five-year-old American Bulldog who has finally gone to her forever home after *two years* in our care.