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Stop Live Exports International Awareness Day


This year on Stop Live Exports International Awareness Day, we’re readying ourselves for the momentous presentation of one million signatures for action later in September.

The shipment of live animals for slaughter and ‘further fattening’ overseas continues to be legal in the United Kingdom (UK). Every year, thousands of animals are still being shipped from our shores, forced to endure long-distance journeys.

Conditions during transport can be cramped, expose the animals to excessively hot or cold temperatures, or prevent … continue reading ››

Stop the trucks!

Sheep in a live transport lorry © RSPCA

Today, Monday 29 August, is a day of action against this long distance transportation of animals.

We, along with like-minded colleagues across at least 23 different countries are calling for the end to long distance transport of live animals.

It’s a startling fact that every year at least 1 billion poultry and 37 million live cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and equines are transported across the EU and countries outside the EU; on journeys that can last several days and … continue reading ››