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Our London veterinary director discusses RSPCA misconceptions

Caroline Allen holding a cat © RSPCA

Caroline Allen is our London veterinary director, successfully managing our veterinary provisions at two hospitals – Putney and Harmsworth – and two clinics – Edmonton and Southall.

Prior to joining us, Caroline worked at private practices for 18 years, as a veterinary surgeon and clinical director. Caroline is also a valued Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Council member.

It takes police and vet involvement before we can take action

I’m delighted to have worked with the RSPCA team for … continue reading ››

A day at a wildlife centre, in seven GIFs

Bat feeding on mealworm © RSPCA

We recently released a series of videos all about the people who work in our wildlife centres, and the animals that they work with. Incase you haven’t had time to watch them all yet – here’s a quick catch up with a few of our favourite clips.

1. Giving the bats their breakfast (and all their other meals too).


2. Checking up on the new badger admissions.


3. Weighing the hedgehogs, handled with care.


4. Birds having … continue reading ››

We’ve got Christmas all wrapped up!


Thousands of animals don’t have a home to call their own this Christmas. Many are at risk of cruelty and neglect. However, we’ll be looking out for animals, protecting, rescuing and caring for them – and giving them all the festive fuss they deserve!