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We’ve got Christmas all wrapped up!


Thousands of animals don’t have a home to call their own this Christmas. Many are at risk of cruelty and neglect. However, we’ll be looking out for animals, protecting, rescuing and caring for them – and giving them all the festive fuss they deserve!

Cautionary “tails” for Christmas!

Image: Kristi Welton-Kidder / Flickr

There are many commitments over the Christmas period that demand our time and attention. But we should make sure pets are high up on our list of priorities, or we may get a surprise on Christmas morning we hadn’t bargained for!

Veterinary Surgeon Kamilla De Oliveira has some cautionary tales from her time spent working at Harmsworth Animal Hospital over the festive period. It might make you think twice about the treats you share with your beloved pets…

No more monkey business!

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Today is International Primate Day. Primates have complex needs. There are approximately 5,000 primates currently being kept as pets here in the UK. In many cases they are being kept solitary in unsuitable environments such as bird cages, sheds or wardrobes. We’re calling for an end to this cruelty.