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Dogs die in hot cars: An inspector’s first-hand account

Justin Stubbs

Our inspectors and officers have one of the most rewarding jobs – but also one of the hardest. There are times they have to deal with very difficult situations and very difficult people. But there are also times where they are left broken-hearted by the calls they respond to.

For Peterborough Inspector Justin Stubbs, one of those calls came on 16 June last year.

A heart-breaking story

I’ve been an RSPCA inspector for seven years and some of the things … continue reading ››

Proud animal defenders: Graduating as RSPCA Inspectors

RSPCA Inspector graduation 2015

As the only charity who investigates animal cruelty, an RSPCA Inspector’s job is one of a kind.

They’re on the front line, investigating cases of cruelty and neglect, and rescuing the vulnerable – they are the animal emergency services.

After 12 months of intense physical, mental and academic training, the class of 2015 have graduated at a ceremony held at our headquarters to become fully fledged RSPCA Inspectors.

This is a great day for animals everywhere, as 21 new … continue reading ››

An #AnimalHero facing threats and an attempted assault

RSPCA Inspector Ruth Coxon © RSPCA Photolibrary

Hi, I’m Ruth Coxon. I became an RSPCA inspector because I love animals and I love a challenge, which you certainly get in this job.

A while back I was sent to a property in County Durham to serve a summons to a couple who were being prosecuted about a Labrador that had a skin condition.

The woman at the property immediately became enraged and began to shout and swear at me. She then grabbed a heavy ashtray off the … continue reading ››