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Bring your dogs to work day!

Sid with 3rd best veteran medal at RSPCA Leybourne dog show  © RSPCA

We’re really lucky here at the RSPCA that we’re able to bring our dogs into the office. It makes the working day so much nicer when you can take a break to say hello to someone with a wagging-tail!

And, we know that many other dog owners would love the opportunity to take their dogs to work too. Having your canine companion by your side during the working day can be a real treat for both you and for them!… continue reading ››

Why do my rabbits…?

Diagram of rabbit digestive system © RSPCA

A guest post written by our rabbit behaviour and welfare expert, Dr. Jane Tyson.

There are an estimated 1.5 million pet rabbits in the UK (PDSA PAW Report 2016), but how much do you really know about them?

I’d like to try and explain some of the reasons as to why rabbits behave the way they do. Remember the better we understand our pets, the better placed we are to help keep them happy and healthy!

Why do my rabbits … continue reading ››

How can you make your cat feel more at home?

Leona laying down in her comfy pod © RSPCA

South Godstone Animal Centre Supervisor Liz Forbes-Dale gives us a look at the ways we put cats in our care at ease, offering some inspiration for how you might be able to help your own feline companion feel more at home.

Cats arriving at RSPCA centres can be frightened and confused. They may have been in several places before arriving, or they may have only lived in their owner’s home until now.

Click this link for Leona’s (pictured above) adoption continue reading ››