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Liven up your walk with these training games


We’ve got some tips for making walk time more fun, more interesting and more productive. Learn how to play ‘find it’ and ‘get it,’ and use these games to help your dog stay more engaged while you’re out and about.

Training your dog doesn’t have to happen in scheduled sessions or training classes. Adding training games into your regular activities – walks in the park, hanging out in the garden, or even when you’re on the beach – can be … continue reading ››

Nine things that anyone who’s ever owned a puppy will know

Puppy at the vets

Puppy Awareness Week covers the very serious issue of responsible puppy buying. It’s also a chance to celebrate healthy, happy puppies who have been well-bred, and well-matched with their new families.

If you’ve adopted a puppy from us, or bought from a responsible breeder – you’ll know that caring for a young dog can be a heartwarming, hilarious, and sometimes exhausting experience. Here are nine things that anyone who’s ever owned a puppy will know!

1.That nothing compares to that continue reading ››

International Blind Dog Day

Three puppies sleeping

This year, on August 23, we’re supporting the first ever International Blind Dog Day. International Blind Dog Day is an event that brings together the owners of blind dogs from across the world, to celebrate the amazing things that blind dogs can do.

RSPCA Derby currently have three seven-week-old blind puppies in their care. We catch up with Sadie Brice, Supporter Engagement Officer at the centre, to see how the puppies are getting along.

Meet the puppies

The three puppies … continue reading ››