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Intelligent, affectionate and terrific at tricks: can you guess which animal we’re describing?

Question mark on chalkboard

At the RSPCA we care about all animals, and we’re always learning more about their amazing capabilities and rich emotional lives.

For example, can you guess which animals:

  • ‘laugh’ when they play, or when they are tickled
  • sympathise with other animals of their own species who are in distress (and would rather help them than receive a food reward)
  • can count up to four
  • can learn tricks, including coming when called, playing basketball and ‘fetch’
  • become anxious and depressed if
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Dogs deserve better

Pug in kennels © RSPCA

There’s been a lot of media coverage recently about ‘brachycephalic’ dogs (dogs with short, flat faces), because many of them suffer from serious health issues. In recent years the popularity and ownership of these dogs had grown drastically, fuelled in part by their increased use in advertising and the media.

Although their squishy faces and big eyes are often considered cute or comic, sadly these features can cause painful health problems and prevent dogs from being able to enjoy normal … continue reading ››

Pampered pooches

George looking curiously with his paws upon a glass table © RSPCA

The RSPCA rehomes thousands of dogs every year. Some are rehomed within days of arriving in our centres while others can take months – sometimes even years – to find the right home. But, as a charity who puts the welfare of animals before anything else, we never give up on the dogs who need us. And we will do everything we can to find them a home for life.

We rescue dogs from some of the most unimaginable … continue reading ››