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Pampered pooches

George looking curiously with his paws upon a glass table © RSPCA

The RSPCA rehomes thousands of dogs every year. Some are rehomed within days of arriving in our centres while others can take months – sometimes even years – to find the right home. But, as a charity who puts the welfare of animals before anything else, we never give up on the dogs who need us. And we will do everything we can to find them a home for life.

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How can you make your cat feel more at home?

Leona laying down in her comfy pod © RSPCA

South Godstone Animal Centre Supervisor Liz Forbes-Dale gives us a look at the ways we put cats in our care at ease, offering some inspiration for how you might be able to help your own feline companion feel more at home.

Cats arriving at RSPCA centres can be frightened and confused. They may have been in several places before arriving, or they may have only lived in their owner’s home until now.

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Introducing rabbits Reggie and Flossie

Rabbits Reggie and Flossie living side by side  © RSPCA

Branch manager Susie Hughes and adopter Heather Pinchien share their story of bonding rabbits Reggie and Flossie.

Heather originally fostered Reggie for the RSPCA Manchester and Salford branch after he was removed by RSPCA inspectors from a multi animal household. Reggie had been kept in poor conditions and had only been fed bread – not a suitable diet for a bunny.

At around three months old Reggie was very tiny and had clearly failed to thrive. Nonetheless his loving … continue reading ››