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Tackling the horse crisis together

RSPCA Inspector Clare Wilson checking a tethered horse Middlesbrough

A blog by Michael Ward, interim chief executive of the RSPCA

We are facing a horse crisis across England and Wales and it’s never been more apparent than now that equine welfare organisations need to work together.

This week I’m meeting with the chief executives of the nation’s major animal welfare charities that work with horses* so we can get to grips with how we can work together in the most effective way possible, to help more horses, faster.

An … continue reading ››

We are ambitious for animals…..

Michael Ward, interim chief executive of the RSPCA

A blog from Michael Ward, interim chief executive of the RSPCA.

I feel proud and privileged to be interim chief executive of the RSPCA, a charity which has worked tirelessly for 193 years to improve the lives of animals.

This year marks ten years since the Animal Welfare Act came into force, which is a chance to reflect on what it has achieved and what more needs to be done to stop the cruelty and neglect seen day-in, day-out by … continue reading ››

Moving into the 21st century with the Animal Welfare Act

Cat at animal centre receiving veterinary care

Ten years ago, optimism was the word when, after four years of discussion and decades of hope, the first overhaul of the animal legislation in England and Wales for 96 years came into effect in the first week of April 2007.

The law brought animal welfare into the modern era with prevention at the core of the law as it allowed animals to be saved before suffering took place.

It also allowed legislation to be updated faster, the government setting … continue reading ››