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Heroes wanted! At the Great British Spring Clean!


Regular readers will know that litter poses a huge problem for wildlife across England and Wales every day. Each year we receive around 5,000 calls about birds and animals who have become caught up in litter that has been thoughtlessly discarded by humans.

Gain experience and help animals, at the same time!

Bugsley the kitten © RSPCA

Volunteering is essential to keep saving the thousands of animals we rescue, rehabilitate and rehome every year.

It’s helped people get into animal care jobs, progress retail careers, kickstart careers in design by learning new skills like visual merchandising, or for some, it’s offers the chance to develop skills to help get back into work.

You’re great, thank you.

We can’t thank our volunteers enough for helping the animals, educating school children on animal welfare and for our countless other … continue reading ››