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Is there real fur on your bobble hat?


Now that the temperature is dropping, it’s time to wrap up warm.

However, there’s one thing troubling us this winter…

We’re pretty concerned about the use of real animal fur on some items of winter clothing. Coats with fur lining and furry bobble hats are particularly popular at the moment and what many consumers don’t know is that some of these are made from real animal fur.

You could be unwittingly funding cruelty by buying real fur by accident.


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The needs of marmosets


This International Primate Day, thousands of primates remain confined inside domestic homes across England and Wales.

Our senior scientific manager for captive wild animals Dr Ros Clubb, talks us through how the basic needs of a marmoset monkey contrast with the conditions that we generally find them being kept in.

Marmoset monkeys are by far the most common type of primate that we have found being kept as pets. They’re a clear example of how difficult it is to meet … continue reading ››

Improving transparency in slaughter: first signs of a Brexit Spring?


The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs’ (Defra) have proposed mandatory CCTV in all approved English slaughterhouses. David Bowles, our assistant director of external affairs, examines what this announcement could tell us about the future handling of animal welfare issues during Brexit.

The news surrounding Brexit is currently full of speculation, stalled negotiations and the pros and cons of being in or out of the Customs Union. It’s fiendishly complicated, and frankly quite boring to most people.

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