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A day at a wildlife centre, in seven GIFs

Bat feeding on mealworm © RSPCA

We recently released a series of videos all about the people who work in our wildlife centres, and the animals that they work with. Incase you haven’t had time to watch them all yet – here’s a quick catch up with a few of our favourite clips.

1. Giving the bats their breakfast (and all their other meals too).


2. Checking up on the new badger admissions.


3. Weighing the hedgehogs, handled with care.


4. Birds having … continue reading ››

Ducklings – When to help them and when to leave them alone

Mallard duckling nested in a persons hand © RSPCA

The sight of a mother duck with her brood of ducklings in tow is one that is synonymous with spring in Britain. Unfortunately, as with any wild animals that share space with humans, they can occasionally get in trouble and may need your help.

Many people get concerned when ducks have nested on a high ledge or balcony. This is not uncommon; in the wild, ducks will often nest up in trees. Ducklings are light with a fluffy down, which … continue reading ››