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A day at a wildlife centre, in seven GIFs

Bat feeding on mealworm © RSPCA

We recently released a series of videos all about the people who work in our wildlife centres, and the animals that they work with. Incase you haven’t had time to watch them all yet – here’s a quick catch up with a few of our favourite clips.

1. Giving the bats their breakfast (and all their other meals too).


2. Checking up on the new badger admissions.


3. Weighing the hedgehogs, handled with care.


4. Birds having … continue reading ››

How dogs know what we’re feeling

Dog with his tongue out smiling © RSPCA

If you’re someone who prefers to keep your emotional state secret from everyone, then steer clear of your dog!

Four reasons your dog knows you better than you realise

It’s being proven that dogs are just too skilled at sensing and interpreting how we’re feeling to be duped. Here’s why…

Dogs can recognise emotions in people’s facial expressions

They’re able to tell emotional facial expressions from neutral expressions, and happy faces from angry ones – just from photos of faces.… continue reading ››

Seven things that anyone who’s ever owned a puppy will know

Puppy in our centre © RSPCA

National puppy day covers the very serious issue of responsible puppy buying. It’s also a chance to celebrate healthy, happy puppies who have been well-bred, and well-matched with their new families.

If you’ve adopted a puppy from us, or bought from a responsible breeder – you’ll know that caring for a young dog can be a heartwarming, hilarious, and sometimes exhausting experience. Here are seven things that anyone who’s ever owned a puppy will know!

1. The one treat that continue reading ››