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Stop Live Exports International Awareness Day


This year on Stop Live Exports International Awareness Day, we’re readying ourselves for the momentous presentation of one million signatures for action later in September.

The shipment of live animals for slaughter and ‘further fattening’ overseas continues to be legal in the United Kingdom (UK). Every year, thousands of animals are still being shipped from our shores, forced to endure long-distance journeys.

Conditions during transport can be cramped, expose the animals to excessively hot or cold temperatures, or prevent … continue reading ››

Remember A Charity in your Will week

Lucky and Marian

This year, Remember a Charity’s annual awareness week runs from Monday, 11 September. We’re joining them in sharing the stories of charity supporters who have been inspired to leave a gift in their Will.

Remember A Charity (RAC) collaborates with 180 charities in the UK. Their aim is to encourage more people to consider leaving a gift in their Will to a cause close to their heart.

The annual awareness week raises the profile of legacy donations by highlighting the … continue reading ››

Liven up your walk with these training games


We’ve got some tips for making walk time more fun, more interesting and more productive. Learn how to play ‘find it’ and ‘get it,’ and use these games to help your dog stay more engaged while you’re out and about.

Training your dog doesn’t have to happen in scheduled sessions or training classes. Adding training games into your regular activities – walks in the park, hanging out in the garden, or even when you’re on the beach – can be … continue reading ››