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Cautionary “tails” for Christmas!

Image: Kristi Welton-Kidder / Flickr

There are many commitments over the Christmas period that demand our time and attention. But we should make sure pets are high up on our list of priorities, or we may get a surprise on Christmas morning we hadn’t bargained for!

Veterinary Surgeon Kamilla De Oliveira has some cautionary tales from her time spent working at Harmsworth Animal Hospital over the festive period. It might make you think twice about the treats you share with your beloved pets…

Moving house? Make sure your cats are safe, settled and happy in their new home

Adult cat sitting indoors © RSPCA

Moving house is supposed to be one of the most stressful things you can do. A worry for me because that’s what I’m doing next year. But, I’m excited. I’m looking forward to moving to a new home – it’s my choice.

But what about our cats?

If you’re a cat owner you’ll understand that cats have their routines and they tend to notice if you break them!

So when moving to a new home spare a thought for your … continue reading ››

Keeping kids safe and dogs happy

It’s the summer holidays and that means that dogs and kids will be spending a lot more time together. Children and dogs can be great friends but it’s important to understand what a dog is trying to tell us through their behaviour and to teach children to respect and be polite to dogs. This will not only ensure the dog stays happy, but will help to keep kids safe.

Children are the age group most likely to be bitten continue reading ››