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Ginger the cruelly treated cat

Ginger the cat at the vets © RSPCA

A grim discovery

We first discovered Ginger cowering in squalid conditions in the upstairs bedroom of a house in South East Wales. The entire house was in disarray and flies were circling the kitchen.

Ginger was found by RSPCA Inspector Sophie Daniels in a shockingly thin condition. His coat was so scant that his skin was visible and he had open sores on his belly. He had scabbing on his face, head and ears and was suffering the worst flea … continue reading ››

Grooming my reluctant long-haired cat

Persian cat © RSPCA photolibrary

Dexter was the best cat in the world. Delicate, half-Persian with round yellow eyes and and a coat the colour of roasted coffee beans. She was the sort of cat who would lie on your lap like a furry feline hot water bottle.

Her tail resembled a feather duster, and you could tell what mischief she’d been in by the cobwebs and plant life that were attached to it when she came in the house.

(She was called Dexter, … continue reading ››