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#HappyBunnies – it’s Christmas!

Here at RSPCA HQ we’ve put up the decorations and it really is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

In case you’re not feeling festive just yet, or even if you are, we’ve got the perfect video to put a smile on your face.

Check out these happy bunnies:


Happy Bunnies

As you can see from the video, bunnies love toys!

If you’re a bunny owner check out our ideas for keeping bunnies entertained:

If you don’t … continue reading ››

No return to cruelty…

hands off the hunting act

What a brilliant few weeks it’s been for the RSPCA. Last week we and compassionate people around the country celebrated the RSPCA’s first prosecution of a mounted hunt as the Heythrop Hunt pleaded guilty to four charges of intentionally hunting a fox with dogs on several occasions – an activity illegal under the Hunting Act.

Since then we’ve seen overwhelming support from the public as we stood up to those who seek to harm animals in the name of ‘sport’ continue reading ››

RSPCA Inspectorate Kilimanjaro fundraising challenge

Chief Inspector Lee Hopgood doing the day job © RSPCA

Earlier this year, while stood in line waiting to get a coffee at the RSPCA offices in Horsham, a senior manager turned and asked me, “Would you be up for climbing Kilimanjaro?”, I recall saying something glib along the lines of, “Probably haven’t got time today, will check my diary and get back to you!”. Some months later I find myself stood in the cold rain outside a superstore trying to raise money towards the RSPCA Inspectorate Kilimanjaro Challenge 2013continue reading ››