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Exposing Britain’s puppy dealers

Puppies in small enclosures

Shocked by the scenes on BBC Panorama’s Britain’s Puppy Dealers Exposed?

Sadly, we’re not.

We’re all too familiar with the cruel and callous people involved in this horrific business, and the wily ways rogue dealers are tricking innocent members of the public into believing that they’re ‘responsible breeders’. And that the puppies they’re selling are happy and healthy, and have been brought up with the love and care they deserve.

But the reality is, some of these dealers are acquiring … continue reading ››

Enter your happy hounds into #Ruffs 2016

Ruffs 2016 logo

Is your dog the happiest pooch on the planet? Do you have a ‘wonky’ dog who’s perfect in your eyes? Have you transformed the life of a rescued dog?

Ruffs – our alternative online dog show – is back, and we want to hear from you and your amazing dogs!

We celebrate dogs for their health and happiness

Ruffs was born out of frustration with traditional ‘beauty pageant’ style dog shows like Crufts, which judge dogs primarily on their looks. … continue reading ››