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We’ve got Christmas all wrapped up!


Thousands of animals don’t have a home to call their own this Christmas. Many are at risk of cruelty and neglect. However, we’ll be looking out for animals, protecting, rescuing and caring for them – and giving them all the festive fuss they deserve!

Seal Rescue – the first release

Two seals released © RSPCA

The gigantic storm surge that swamped the Norfolk coastline on Thursday 5 December last year resulted in one hundred and eight orphaned grey seal pups being rescued by RSPCA front-line staff. They were all taken to our East Winch Wildlife Centre.

The staff there had been caring for seals for almost 25 years but had never seen anything quite like it before.  They were facing the biggest rescue operation that they had ever dealt with. By the end of … continue reading ››

Grey seal pups orphaned in recent storms

Last week a storm battered the east coast of England causing floods and tidal surges. It couldn’t have come at a worse time for the local grey seal colonies, who were at the height of pupping season.

Many young seals were effectively orphaned as the stormy seas tore them away from their mothers and stranded them on the coast of Norfolk. Hungry and confused, these youngsters would starve without help.

RSPCA to the rescue

Because of the support we receive … continue reading ››