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Stop the trucks!

Sheep in a live transport lorry © RSPCA

Today, Monday 29 August, is a day of action against this long distance transportation of animals.

We, along with like-minded colleagues across at least 23 different countries are calling for the end to long distance transport of live animals.

It’s a startling fact that every year at least 1 billion poultry and 37 million live cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and equines are transported across the EU and countries outside the EU; on journeys that can last several days and … continue reading ››

What does Brexit mean for animal welfare?

European Union flag

As you all are aware, the UK narrowly voted to leave the European Union in June. We must now campaign to ensure that animal welfare is not compromised as part of the process to leave the EU, and ensure we take all opportunities to improve existing animal welfare standards.

The EU referendum and animal welfare

The European Flag

The government will hold a Referendum on June 23 on whether the UK wishes to remain part of the European Union.

The RSPCA is neutral and is not campaigning on this issue but we would like to share the facts about animal welfare in the EU for our supporters , so you can make an informed choice.

What EU laws cover

Around 80 percent of UK animal welfare laws originate from the EU with legislation limited to issues affecting the … continue reading ››