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The best dog walks in England and Wales?

@MIchelleOwen7: the fields overlooking the Bristol Channel, Portishead.

We asked our staff, centres and social media followers to tell us their favourite dog walks across England and Wales.

We got some beautiful photos and videos in return, including beaches, sunsets, woods, cliffs, rivers and of course – some very happy looking dogs!

Take a look:

And of course, we’d love to hear all about your favourite walkies spots on Twitter or Facebook!

Make dog walking fun!

Train your dog to respond to basic commands such as sit, … continue reading ››

This is Appleby Horse Fair 2012

The Appleby Horse Fair sees the biggest operational deployment of RSPCA Officers in England and Wales.

This year was a unique experience for all.

Cries of ‘Look out! Look out!’ cut through the clatter of horse’s hooves clapping down on greasy tarmac. One of the racing Sulkies, a lightweight cart, is out of control, its driver having underestimated the difficulty of the wet conditions. Spectators scatter as horse, cart and rider all disappear down into a nettle infested ditch. Two … continue reading ››

Tethered horses at the bar!

Jackie Hickman and gang in Tipton © RSPCA

During the Silver Jubilee Street party of 1977 I lived in Tipton. Aged just 7, I was thrown aboard a pony, no saddle, just a bridle. This was my introduction to riding and although not the most conventional of ‘lessons’ it was the start of something that took over my life.

The pony, of course must have known I was a novice and promptly trotted off down the road, straight into the pub and stood at the bar!

Tethered continue reading ››