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Cautionary “tails” for Christmas!

Image: Kristi Welton-Kidder / Flickr

There are many commitments over the Christmas period that demand our time and attention. But we should make sure pets are high up on our list of priorities, or we may get a surprise on Christmas morning we hadn’t bargained for!

Veterinary Surgeon Kamilla De Oliveira has some cautionary tales from her time spent working at Harmsworth Animal Hospital over the festive period. It might make you think twice about the treats you share with your beloved pets…

Christmas food for pets

Jack Russell running in snow © RSPCA Photolibrary

We are now officially in the holiday season which means it is time to indulge and enjoy some amazing food. And with our pets being part of the family it is understandable that they are included in the festivities.

However, as much as we would like our pets to be included in all the things that we enjoy, we need to remember that there are certain foods that aren’t so good for our pets and over indulgence can lead to … continue reading ››

Supporting the campaign for honest food labelling

I’m very careful about what animal products I buy because I want to be sure I don’t unwittingly support farming conditions that don’t provide for the animals’ needs. So it’s fair to say I spend a good chunk of my life standing next to supermarket shelves, deciphering labels and ingredients lists.

I’m vegetarian and my husband Liam (occasionally) eats meat, but only the highest welfare possible. So you can guess how long our weekly food shop takes! It can be … continue reading ››