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Mad as a March hare

Five-week-old wild rabbit kitten © RSPCA

With Easter approaching, many associate this time of year with chocolate (especially in my case) and the ‘Easter bunny ’. However did you know traditionally the ‘Easter bunny’ was in fact the ‘Easter hare’?

There are two species of hare found in the UK – the mountain or Irish hare (Lepus timidus) and the most common, the brown hare (Lepus europaeus).

Although brown hares can breed all year round, due to the lighter evenings and early … continue reading ››

Rabbit and leveret rearing at East Winch

Nest of rabbit kittens © RSPCA

Despite the cold weather, we’ve had an influx of baby rabbits and hares here at East Winch Wildlife Centre.

Over the past week alone, we’ve admitted two tiny baby rabbits and six leverets (baby hares). Three of the leverets were so small that we think they must be only a day or two old because they were all found together –  the the young normally disperse after a few days so that the whole litter is not lost in … continue reading ››